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Equishopping is the leading european search engine, shopping guide and price comparison website dedicated to the equestrian world. Equishopping provides user-friendly search facility, valuable content and simple intuitive navigation allowing horse lovers to easily find, compare and buy online.

Merchant benefits

Why join Equishopping? The simple answer is that whatever your target market in the equestrian world is, you need to be reaching as many people as possible. Equishopping delivers a flow of QUALIFIED LEADS to your online store.

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We offer new sales opportunities for your online store and not just visitors. Equishopping attracts users who are looking for products and stores with intend to buy.

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List all your products on Equishopping for free and only pay when we drive a lead to your store.

+ Manage your campaigns

Even more on the Internet than elsewhere, being able to measure the return on investment of your budget is crucial. We provide you with the tools and information necessary to manage and evaluate your campaigns.

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Pay Per Click
Merchants only pay when shoppers click through to your site to BUY an item. Charges are applied in accordance to the value of the product(s) purchased. Prices start at only £0.10p.

Retail Price

Price Per Click

From £0.01 to £99.99


From £100.00 to £499.99


Over £500


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